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We offer cheapest bachelor’s degree, and we do bachelor projects in all the professional programs: nurse, teacher, educator, graphic communication, social worker, physiotherapist, finance and so on.

Write to us here for a great offer on professional proof of your bachelor thesis. We are a team of 5 proficient reviewers and we can correct your bachelor thesis from one day to another (if you book a few days in advance).

We have a special focus on proofreading of bachelor projects in the professionally oriented programs.

We also like to lift the language in your bachelor project … and bring up the grade: “When assessing the professional bachelor project […], emphasis is placed on the student’s wording and spelling ability.” (Examination order)


We are a very young company. That’s why we can’t yet show hundreds of 5-star reviews on different platforms.

But precisely because we want to establish ourselves as a leading proofing agency, we make every effort to provide the student with high quality proofing at the lowest price on the market.

The students we have helped so far are very pleased with our service and the professional proof we provide. This applies, for example, to Simone, who reads to teacher and who got her bachelor project directed by us.

Assignment before and after proofreading

It is not unusual for a bachelor project to have between 20-30 formal errors per page. With Correction Basis, which is our standard proofing, your bachelor thesis is corrected for all formal errors: punctuation errors, inflection errors, common spelling errors, sloppy errors, word choice errors etc.

The return you receive is thus 100% flawless.

A flawless language is a good language. But when we correct, we nevertheless find that a sentence or passage that is formally 100% correct can still seem fuzzy and wrong.

With Correction Plus, we correct all the formal errors in the assignment, but we also correct unclear and problematic language. With the Plus proof, we reformulate ambiguities so that the whole task appears correct and clear.

Below you can see an excerpt from an authentic professional bachelor project that has been linguistically optimized with Proofing Plus. The left shows the original and the red markings indicate passages that the reviewer has corrected and tightened up linguistically.

The language in the proofed edition is significantly better than the original because it is completed correctly, more academically and more accurately.-

The proofreader’s corrections in the bachelor thesis

We will fix your bachelor project in Word. The program includes a review feature where all the changes made by the reviewer are recorded and made visible to both the reviewer and the customer.

This gives the great advantage that when you get the assignment back from the professional proof, you can see all the places where the reviewer has made a correction.

When the customer receives the proofreaded bachelor thesis, the corrections can be accepted one by one. However, it can be a rather time consuming task in a long task of 30-40 pages. We therefore advise the student to take samples of the corrections. If they look reasonable, you can accept the rest of the fix at once.

The linguistic requirement means that bad language pulls the grade down, while good language pulls up the grade.

More specifically, the assessment of the student’s spelling and wording ability is about assessing whether the language is clear, correct and scientific.

  Clear That the language is clear means that it is coherent and logically structured, that it is easy to read and academic at the same time, that it is accurate, one-sided and consistent.

  Correct The degree of correctness of the language is measured by the spelling, compositions, punctuation, syntax and all other formal aspects of spelling.

  Scientific Bachelor projects are scientific dissertations. Therefore, the language must be scientific. A scientific language implies that the student justifies and explains the use of the subject’s theories, concepts and methods. The degree of proficiency in the language is also related to the student’s mastery of academic forms of presentation (explanation, analysis, discussion, assessment, etc.) and also the correct use of subject terminology.

Source: How to assess language in university assignments

All these linguistic aspects are included in the assessment – on several levels. First, a correct and scientific assignment language is part of the academic aspect of the assignment. Second, a good, accurate and fluent language also works on the censor’s more intuitive, emotional assessment of the task’s level. A good language convinces – also about the writer’s general professionalism and level of abstraction.

Therefore, it is a good idea with professional proofing of your bachelor project. And here you get the lowest price on the market. In the price calculator you can get an overview of what the proofreading of an assignment on x-number of pages costs.

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