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Most review agencies operate with a minimum price per order, typically around $ 40. This means that a task of, for example, 8 pages costs $ 400 to get proofread. This is not the case with us.

The price only applies to assignments in English

Correction Mini corrects all formal errors in your assignment. The proofreader sets the error detector against the task’s misspellings, grammatical errors, typos, punctuation errors (periods, commas and other characters) and other formal errors.

In an average assignment, there are often 30-40 errors per day. per page, corresponding to 300-400 errors in a 10-page assignment. With Correction Mini, each correction – in round numbers – costs 50 cents.

It is an extremely SU-friendly price and by far the cheapest on the market.

High quality

We have an ambition to offer best and cheapest study proof, and for that reason alone, you can rest assured that we are doing our utmost with every assignment – regardless of the size of the assignment.

It requires both a great knowledge of spelling and a language understanding beyond the usual to be a skilled proofreader. Therefore, all potential reviewers go through a test course in connection with hiring, where only the best are associated with our website.

Our reviewers know their stuff and they are super sharp at spotting mistakes and fuzziness in the language. The proofreading lifts the language and it is something that lifts the whole task and which makes the censor happy.

On the Evil page in the written language you can read more about what it means that the language is included in the assessment of a task.


When you get your assignment or synopse return, you always get it in two versions. In one version you can see all the corrections we have made. In our experience, the number of corrections is lagging behind most students. It is perfectly normal with 30-40 corrections per day. page.

It can be a big mouthful to accept all the corrections one by one, especially if the deadline is approaching … and it often does when you reach the proofing stage.

Therefore, you also get a version of the task where all the fixes are accepted. Only the comments we have written remain.

You decide for yourself what you do with the task that will come back from us. However, we recommend that you check the proofing on some random pages. Therefore, if you are comfortable with our work, you can accept the rest of the corrections at once.

We also recommend that you read the entire assignment thoroughly after accepting the corrections. Exceptionally, it may happen that we also make a typo, and you will spot it during the reading.

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